Freight forwarders organize shipments for corporations and individuals to get goods from the producer or the manufacturer to a customer, market or to the final point of distribution. A freight forwarder does not move the goods, but contracts a carrier to move the goods.

Shipping, whether local or international, could present great business opportunities for you. However, the process is sometimes daunting or appear intimidating, and that's where freight forwarding comes in. There are various reasons why you should consider using freight forwarders in your supply chain:


Freight forwarders have a large network of agents. This means that transit time, price and carrier preference vary on your order. You are thus able to choose a carrier that works around your budget. When your customers need the goods as quickly as possible, you are able to change to a carrier with the shortest transit time. Freight forwarders also have the flexibility to change your carrier preferences when the needs of your business changes.


While using transportation carriers, it is highly possible to lose a shipment due to poor management, and it may also take longer to recover and deliver the shipment on time. On the other hand, freight forwarders have the ability to control and manage your shipment during the whole transportation process. Transportation carriers have a lot of hubs and processes to deal with which hinders manageability and flexibility that is demonstrated by a freight forwarder.


Freight forwarders have a higher adapting capability in shipment of goods than common carriers. They are able to carry out inside deliveries, appointment deliveries and dunnage removal more efficiently. They are also able to assist you in case a shipment mistake is made. For example, if you ship a product to the wrong address a freight forwarder will place a call to inform you of the mistake and without hesitation they will ship it to the right address. This shows that freight forwarders have a stake in your business.

Cost saving

Freight forwarders make it one of their goals to see that you achieve maximum profit. Freight forwarders have moderate pricing and do not expedite your shipment if you fall behind in your production process. Freight forwarders also provide solutions to issues that might need employing more resources which may result to cost increase on the front end. For example, if your shipping goods over a long distance while at the same time trying to beat your competition in a certain market, a freight forwarder will employ the use of a warehouse or a distribution facility near the market providing better control and a more competitive drive.