If you are a business owner or office manager for a distribution company, you may have a fair amount of items that ship out using air freight services. Though these services, at least the major ones, tend to offer tracking on their websites you may still need to track your packages using an alternative method. If you haven't already considered it, here are a few reasons that your business should use tracking apps for your air freight services.

Real Time Alerts

One of the largest benefits of using tracking apps for your businesses air freight services is the ability to have real time alerts and updates sent to your phone or tablet. This can be a huge benefit if you are unable to check your computer or the delivery service site throughout the day. When the tracking updates, you will receive a notification that will not only tell you there is an update, but will also tell you the new location of the package.

Ability to Handle Shipping on the Go

There are times when your shipment may be held or postponed for various reasons. In these cases, you will need to handle aspects of the shipment in order to get the product to the client quickly. Having a tracking application will allow you to get the alert immediately so you can handle the issue while you are out of the office. This can save considerable amounts of time and ensure the issue is handled within a certain time frame instead of a day or more later.

Multiple Users

One of the benefits that many business owners see in using tracking applications for air freight services is the ability to have multiple staff users on the same app. This means that a staffer can download the app to their phone or tablet and receive the same updates as you on the same package. If you are unable to deal with an issue or handle the tracking information you receive, then someone else on the team can. This frees up your time while keeping everyone on the staff updated on the current state of the important tracking information.

These are just three of the reasons that business should use tracking apps for air freight services. If you are ready to implement these types of applications for your staff, consider contacting air freight services providers like Professional Freight Services Pty Ltd. They will let you know if they have a downloadable app, help you locate it, and help you set it up.